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June 8th, 2021


Search Engine Optimization is the art, craft, and science of converging volume of quality traffic on your web site. This traffic is blood line for all web-based business and could be vital for any company who exhibit or attract customers through Internet.

There can two kinds of web traffic; one the general kind and other is quality traffic. Traffic on your site shows your sales prospect, how many come to see your offer then how many consider it and final how many actually buy it.

SEO requires:

o How to effectively use Page Rank and Search engines

o Understanding how search engine works

o How to get boost placement or listing in natural search results

o How not to avoid search engine exploitation

o How use paid programs

o How to organize and structure your web pages and web sites,

o How to apply SEO analysis tools

o Effective SEO best practices

o Understand the characteristics of the traffic

What is SEO

SEO is acronym for Search engine optimization which involves activities that increase the “volume and quality” of traffic to your web site from search engines by natural listing.

SEO is the part of online marketing strategy and it revolves around on how search engine works and how people use them. SEO begins from coding of a site to its presentation. The content and structure is the most vital part of SEO. All efforts are aimed to develop sites that are search engine friendly and to get top ranks when searched.

Some common tasks regarding SEO are:

o How search engine software work

o How search engine view your web pages

o Optimization of pages from search engine point of view

o Efficient design for both humans and search engines

o Avoiding black hat practices

In conclusion SEO is part of effective business campaign which promotes your sales and benefits by understanding both human behaviors and search engines. SEO is a tool or part of strategy for converging quality traffic on your site.

What is SEM

SEM is acronym for Search Engine Marketing which is a one of a form of Internet Marketing and advertisement.

The primary task of SEM is to increase the visibility in ‘Search Engine result pages’ (SERPs). According to prevailing industry standards SEM methods may include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid placement, and paid inclusion. In short SEM can be taken as practice getting better search listings which can be paid or non-paid.

Internet is new technology but is has grown tremendously and in last decade search engines appeared to assist people getting to their required information as quickly as possible. Search engines by the time developed business models to finance their services, such as pay per click and offers paid search opportunities for advertisers. Now day’s programs like pay-per-click have proved to be the primary money-makers for search engines.

SEM is focused on marketing and advertising through search engines and for that it covers large spectrum of SEO, managing paid listing, submitting sites to directories, developing online marketing strategies.

Differences and similarities between SEO and SEM

Search engine marketing in not that simple, because if it is as simple as its thought then marketing agencies would have slotted them into their media campaign with lesser effort and consideration. But still all this has not put up a great hurdle for SEM and SEO in becoming a multimillion dollar industry.

Major portion of SEO is related to making your site more and friendlier to search engines. Under optimized websites provides obstacles in finding and understanding of content on site. Once your site is fairly available to search engine then site side SEO mission is accomplished.